Mamber Fees and Rules


Become a Publisher Member.

You may become a Publisher Member by making a contribution relative to the size of your business. You may also donate an amount of your choice and select whether you wish to make a one-off or recurring annual payment. By choosing one of the predetermined amounts and by choosing to make a recurring payment, you are enabling DIDS to continue to develop into an even better service.

Extra large, publishing more than 1000 articles/year:
For Foreign 150 USD per year
For Indian Publisher 6000 INR Only

Please select your payment type:
• Draft
• Cheque
• Wire transfer
• Paypal
• Payumoney
• western union

Uploading metadata to DIDS

There are now three ways to get your metadata in to DIDS. You must login in to your account before uploading metadata. The Publishers' Area now includes a 'Your Journals' tab which has a list of all your journals currently included in DIDS and that are associated with your account. You may only upload metadata to those journals. If you upload metadata which is incorrect (for example contains an ISSN that is not in the journal list) the upload will be rejected. (Note that you should ensure that your journal record is up-to-date in DIDS before you upload metadata to us. If you need to update a journal record, please.

If you want to add articles to an existing issue on DIDS, you no longer need to reupload the entire issues. Only upload the new articles to us.

The ways to get your metadata into DIDS are:
• Manually enter the metadata article by article. You are able to manually add your article metadata by filling in the form under the 'Submit Article Metadata' tab. Metadata uploaded this way will be checked for error and then published to the site every hour.
• Upload article XML. You are able to upload XML files to us in TWO ways. You can either upload the file manually by selecting it from your computer OR you can enter the URL where the DIDS site should go to look for the file. The latter, a new addition, aims to make the process smoother and easier for those publishers with multiple files.

All uploaded files will be checked immediately for errors. Once they have parsed successfully, they will be published to the site by an automated script that runs every hour.

Failed XML uploads
Below are some common reasons for failed xml uploads:
• You are trying to upload a file that is not XML. We can only accept XML. Do not try to upload PDFs to us as these will be rejected.
• The ISSN information in the metadata that you are trying to upload does not match what is in the journal record on DIDS. For an upload to be successful, the ISSN(s) provided in the metadata must match precisely the ISSN(s) that we hold on record. A journal may have two ISSNs: an ISSN for the print version and an ISSN for the electronic version. Sometimes the DIDS record only holds one ISSN on file and needs to be updated, or the ISSNs of the journal have changed. Similarly, if the DIDS record has two ISSNs listed but only one is presented in the XML, a fail will occur. If you need to have the ISSNs of your DIDS record updated, please contact us and we will check that the ISSNs are registered at and will then update the record accordingly.
• The XML is missing a required tag. Sometimes a publisher will try to upload XML to DIDS that is missing a specific tag, such as [publication Date]. You can see exactly which tags are required on (Manuscript name, author name, manuscript URL, ). If you are having difficulty with your XML file, there are plenty of resources online where you can check the validity of your XML file. We are unable to provide specific XML advice