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Applying for your journal/book/conferene to be in DIDS.

Applying for your journal to be in DIDS For a journal to be included in DIDS, it must go through the new application process. Due to the nature of the information that we require to process an application, only publishers or journal owners may apply for their journal to be included. If you would like to see a journal listed that is not yet included in the DIDS, contact the publisher and ask them to fill in the application form. The new form requires a lot of information and completing it will take time. It will require you to collect all the necessary information before you start making your application. At this time, you are unable to save the form and come back to it later. We are working on a solution to facilitate that. The new application form has been extended to enable the DIDS team to make a comprehensive assessment of the journal's quality and dedication to Open Access. Each journal application is carefully assessed by a member of the DIDS Team.

Each of the 42 answers provided may be verified manually and this important process takes time. We therefore ask you not to chase journal applications as answering these emails takes time and stops us processing applications..

Transparent editorial boards.
We believe that it increases the trustworthiness and credibility of a journal if the reader is able to find/contact the editor or members of the editorial board. For this reason we encourage you to be as transparent as possible when presenting your Editorial Board. Information of public interest is:

• The affiliation of the editorial board members;
• The contact addresses of the editorial board members;
• If possible, we recommend you to add a link to the web site where the specific editorial board member is presented by his or her employing institution

Quality control and author guidelines.

To assure readers and potential authors that articles go through a quality control system before publication, we strongly recommend that you describe the process clearly on the web site.
Since Open Access is still a relatively young way of publishing research papers and scholarly materials, we believe that it is important to show that open access journals have the same, rigorous quality control systems as printed and subscription based journals.
Having detailed and comprehensive guidelines for authors is a good way of helping potential contributors and saves you time since it can prevent a lot of unnecessary paperwork and manuscript resubmissions.
We recommend all journals have author guidelines (Instructions for authors) and that the following are included:

• A detailed style guide;
• A description of the quality control processes;
• If the journal charges authors or authors' institutions any handling fees, publication fees or similar, the amount should be clearly stated;
• Information about copyright (please note the importance of informing authors about whether the journal will be the copyright holder after publication of an article or if the copyright remains with the author(s)
. We strongly believe that authors should be informed about your copyright/licensing conditions before they submit their work);
• Description of how to submit an article;
• A contact email address.


If you have any questions on the content above or need advice on how to improve your web site to make it fit our selection criteria, please do not hesitate to contact, Email: .